We are excited to pilot a new way of providing support for Moco: Virtual Office Hours. Chatting in real-time allows users to get quick and effective help. Virtual Office Hours are 30-minute video conference calls with one or more members of the Moco team. These calls are open to users with any level of experience with Moco, but are intended for two types of support:

  • Determine if Moco can help with a given research question, and learn how to apply Moco to this question.
  • Troubleshoot complex errors or issues with optimizer convergence for a given problem.

For straightforward questions, use Moco’s SimTK forum instead.

If you are interested, complete our Request for OpenSim Moco Virtual Office Hours form.

The Moco team will evaluate the submission and respond to requests according to their suitability for Virtual Office Hours, the order in which we receive them, and our availability.

We aim to start the office hours in December 2019. If you are selected for office hours, we will contact you with a list of time slots during business hours, Pacific Time.

We request that participants in the Virtual Office Hours make a small contribution back to the Moco project within three weeks after the conference call. Here are examples of how you might contribute:

  • Write a forum post explaining your questions and what you learned.
  • Submit example code (either in a forum post or on GitHub).
  • Improve the documentation (see Moco/doc on GitHub).